Building a sustainable future: CEMEX Ventures’ new ESG policy for responsible investing

- February 16, 2023

In recent years we have seen a rise in interest in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing as more and more investors look to match their investments with their principles. Investors are becoming more aware of how firms affect the environment and society, which is why many are turning to ESG investing, which takes these factors into account when making investment decisions.

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the value of sustainable investing methods for their long-term performance as the ESG industry has grown. By introducing a new ESG policy that represents its dedication to sustainable investing and ethical investing practices, CEMEX Ventures has decided to follow this trend.

CEMEX Ventures, the Corporate Venture Capital unit of building materials multinational CEMEX, has unveiled a new Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy. The policy is in line with CEMEX’s Sustainable Development Goals and represents the company’s dedication to sustainable investing.

In accordance with the new policy, CEMEX Ventures will incorporate ESG reporting and monitoring into its pre- and post-investment activities, as well as sustainable deal sourcing and screenings, due diligence assessments, and ESG reporting.

As a result, the business will be able to engage in responsible investing, rejecting products from contentious industries, conducting positive screening, and evaluating new startups in accordance with a variety of criteria, including adherence to environmental and climate change regulations, diversity, community impact, health and safety standards, and human resources.

Environmental evaluation

The evaluation of each partner or opportunity will be supervised by CEMEX Ventures’ ESG and Investment Committee both at the time of the first investment and at the time of subsequent follow-on investments. This committee is in charge of ensuring that all SRI principles are used correctly, and it will go through ongoing training while collaborating closely with other departments at CEMEX to ensure compliance and excellence.

Additionally, the corporation uses ESG training and accountability systems to extend its SRI values to its portfolio companies. Outside groups will audit the ESG policy of CEMEX Ventures to ensure optimal practices. The company demonstrates its commitment to advancing the construction revolution through sustainable and responsible investment activity by signing the UNPRI, sponsored by the United Nations.

The company’s new policy demonstrates its awareness of the beneficial relationship between ESG performance and financial performance or value generation as well as its obligation to society and the construction sector.

The sustainable investing strategy used by CEMEX Ventures will help build a more solid and resilient portfolio of businesses and alliances, which will strengthen its investment model and enhance risk management.

Finally, CEMEX Ventures’ new SRI and ESG policy shows the company’s dedication to sustainable investing and responsible investing techniques. The corporation is promoting a more sustainable future for the building sector and society by coordinating its operations with CEMEX’s United Nations priorities and Sustainable Development Goals. The company will be able to generate wealth for investors while fostering favorable social and environmental benefits because to its focus on ESG performance.