Spanish beauty and wellness SaaS startup Bewe raises €2M to market in US

- December 6, 2018

Spanish management software startup for beauty, health, and wellness SMEs Bewe raises €2 million to begin marketing its SaaS platform in the US and to consolidate its position in Spain and Latin America.

“Our goal with is to help small businesses to become big businesses”

Bewe has closed a new round of financing of €2 million, led by Dila Capital, together with The Venture City, Toro Ventures and the current partners of the company, Seaya Ventures, Variv Capital and Mountain Nazca, Spanish media reported on Monday.

The Spanish startup helps SMEs in Latin America and Spain to professionalize and digitize their management with features such as agenda management, online reservations, customers, employees, cash, and stock, as well as marketing tools and statistical reports for decision making.

In addition, Bewe develops a personalized app for their businesses, which helps them create a direct link with their customers to build loyalty.

bewe software management

Diego Ballesteros

“Our goal with is to help small businesses to become big businesses, incorporating digitization and professionalization to their processes in a simple way,” said Bewe CEO Diego Ballesteros, in a statement.

“Without a doubt, helping SMEs to transform and reach the next level is an exciting challenge,” he added.

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With this new round of investment the objective is to consolidate its leadership position in Latin America and Spain and to begin marketing its SaaS platform in the United States, where it has already achieved its first customers during 2018.

Bewe is the leading company in offering integrated management solutions for businesses in the “beauty, wellness & health” sectors, and already has more than 2,000 clients in 18 countries.

As a business angel, Ballesteros has invested in several startups, including Cabify, The Brubaker, Woom Fertility and the Seaya Ventures venture capital fund.

Business Angels’ investments into Spanish startups reached €1,217,000,000 as of October, 2018.

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The volume of operations last year has been reduced by 27.1%, with 142 operations, however, the size of these has doubled by 99%, has gone from 4.3 million euros in 2017 to 8.56 million this year.

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