Phoenix Business integrates SAP, sets-up modernization of Fuji America

- April 1, 2021

This month Fuji America Corporation and Phoenix Business Inc. announced the completion of the integration of SAP technology, successfully completing a 9 month project to implement SAP Enterprise Application System.

SAP is the world’s largest provider of enterprise applications, and today is used by over 50,000 customers across the globe. Its software is expected to improve Fuji America Corporation’s end to end business processes, from order to customer delivery.

Parent company Fuji Corporation is a global manufacturer of state of the art systems, and helps with the development, manufacturing, and sales of SMT machines, assembly machines, and machine tools.

In a statement Hanif Sarangi, President of Phoenix Business Consulting, said, “The SAP Business ByDesign implementation at Fuji has greatly improved Fuji’s business processes and systems and allowed Fuji to utilize SAP Business ByDesign’s market-leading SaaS functionality.”

“I’m very proud of Phoenix’s staff and Fuji’s team for making this such a successful project”.

Tom Zabkiewicz of Fuji credited the Phoenix team for developing a realistic transition plan and successfully completing the project last year.

Last year SAP recorded revenues higher than $34 billion. The worldwide public cloud market is expected to continue growing at a tremendous pace and SAP is expected to continue to grow market share with its expanding products and consumer base.

Featured photo courtesy of Fuji America Corp.