Helpin.Name, the Spanish mobile app that allows donations to any cause

- March 21, 2018

Helpin.Name is a a brand new mobile app that makes it significantly easier for NGOs or foundations to raise money for different causes. It is designed for people who want to make donations and help a myriad of benefactors.

Founded in 2017, the application allows the collection of funds in a rapid way for a cause chosen by the donor, regardless of the NGO or foundation that activates it, the company explained in a statement.

Subsequently and immediately, Helpin.Name delivers the proceeds to the different causes and informs those who have supported them of the results achieved from their contributions.

The app also makes it possible for instant donations in the case of natural disasters or similar events. Currently, the website has donation portals available for drinking water, vaccinations, and education.

The mobile application is available for the main mobile operating systems, iOS and Android, through its online stores.

According to its founders, Ido Boscolo and María Zamorano, the application was born of frustration with the current donation systems. One day, they were immensely impacted by a certain cause. They entered the website to make a donation and found that it was not adapted to mobile phones.

“When we went to support the cause via computer, we faced an extensive form that required a lot of time on our part,” they added.

Helpin.Name makes life significantly easier in this regard. To make donations, the user has to open the mobile application on their device, either smart phone or tablet, or even on your computer. There, the user will find a number of different causes to support.

The donor can thoroughly inquire about them in the app, select which one they want to support and how much money they want to contribute.

Next, select the payment method and, in just a few minutes, the process is finished.

Jamie Rosenfield

James Rosenfield is a traveler, writer, and history buff. After obtaining a degree in International Affairs from the University of Colorado in Boulder, he decided to high-tail it from the USA to Colombia in search of adventure. He has a passion for skiing, live music, and speaking Argentinian "Castellano" with bemused Colombians.