Spanish AI startup collaborates with Japanese group on citizen participation platform

- March 21, 2018

The Japanese technology services group NTT DATA and the Spanish startup Social Coin have reached an agreement to collaborate in the development of a citizen participation platform based on artificial intelligence.

The citizen participation platform developed by both companies allows those who use it to understand the opinions and emotions of citizens on specific issues via the analysis of social networks and other data sources based on language.

This innovative technology combines an AI text-analytics platform from Social Coin, called Citibeats, with an advanced linguistics analysis function from NTT DATA, called Nazuki, which can pick up on emotions in any language.

Citibeats is the AI Analytics Platform unique in identifying social trends and concerns. It discovers, categorizes and synthesizes people’s opinions from large quantities of data. It offers qualitative information and sentiment insights that give human meaning to your data.

Nazuki offers an analysis of language in a similar manner. It extracts meaning from words in a sea of language, and offers an accurate interpretation of the essense of the text.

The combination of both the artificial intelligence engines gathers and analyzes the opinions and emotions of population segments to understand what are the main social concerns in the selected regions or communities and identify whether the feeling around these concerns is positive or negative.

In addition, they are “training artificial intelligence to monitor and measure the evolution of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” the companies explained in a joint statement.

In order to accelerate the citizen participation platform, a laboratory has been set up to discover the main social concerns in different countries and to solve problems related to the revitalization of each region.

The project will be carried out comparing the evaluation of different regions of Japan, Spain and other areas such as the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States.

The laboratory will be led by 4 members of Social Coin and 4 members of NTT DATA. The project will be supported by the “BeSTA FinTech Lab”, a laboratory established in the center of Tokyo by NTT DATA that will use the platform to understand regional problems and support the creation of new businesses.

The Spanish startup sector is booming, thanks to an economy on the rise. Venture capital investment has increased significantly recently, as well as government support. The focus is on Madrid and Barcelona, but the whole country is experiencing a boom in entrepreneurship, and the partnership between Social Coin and NTT DATA highlights this upturn in the Spanish economy.

Jamie Rosenfield

James Rosenfield is a traveler, writer, and history buff. After obtaining a degree in International Affairs from the University of Colorado in Boulder, he decided to high-tail it from the USA to Colombia in search of adventure. He has a passion for skiing, live music, and speaking Argentinian "Castellano" with bemused Colombians.