Iñaki Berenguer’s LifeX Ventures attracts Angels’ investment to promote sustainable technology

- March 27, 2023

Angels, the investment company belonging to Marina de Empresas, has recently invested in LifeX Ventures, a $100M fund focused on extending the lives of people and the planet.

The fund is led by Iñaki Berenguer, a renowned Valencian entrepreneur and investor, along with Dr. Amol Sarva, and invests in software companies that are dedicated to the biohealth and climate sectors.

The goal of LifeX Ventures is to promote between 30 and 45 US and European technology companies that are focused on extending people’s lives by 20 years and reducing the impact on the planet.

When visions coincide

Berenguer, who has a Masters and PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is one of the leading Spanish entrepreneurs.

Berenguer is also a known investor and has already invested personally in startups promoted by Marina de Empresas and Angels, such as Geoblink, Paack, Goin, and Criptan.

His experience in the entrepreneurial world, as well as his personal commitment to sustainable businesses, has made him an ideal leader for LifeX Ventures.

Angels’ investment in LifeX Ventures is not only a commitment to promoting sustainable businesses but also a recognition of Berenguer’s leadership in the industry.

“We invested in LifeX Ventures because it is led by Iñaki Berenguer, a self-made Valencian entrepreneur who is an example to follow. In addition, we want to highlight that Iñaki has already invested personally in startups promoted in Marina de Empresas,” says Pepe Peris, CEO of Angels.

Berenguer’s vision for LifeX Ventures is to invest in entrepreneurs who are creating a new wave of technology companies with the potential to improve and extend the lives of people and the planet.

“The same artificial intelligence technology that optimizes what Instagram shows you can be used to design the next medical therapy to cure you or to minimize the energy consumption of your car charger. And we are proud to be able to count Juan Roig as a partner in finding and supporting these entrepreneurs,” he says.