Radio y Televisión Española holds open call for Impulsa Visión startup accelerator

- October 26, 2018

Radio y Televisión Española (RTVE) is holding an open call for the fourth edition of its Impulsa Visión startup accelerator through December 16.

Impulsa Visión Startups is RTVE’s startup acceleration program. It is an initiative to support entrepreneurship and innovation aimed at promoting micro-SME projects and newly created autonomous professionals that contribute to the development and competitiveness of the audiovisual sector in general, and RTVE, in particular.

As in previous editions, this program is aimed at “all those self-employed and micro-SMEs that can provide useful and innovative initiatives applicable to the audiovisual sector,” RTVE announced in a press release.

The open call for startups runs until December 16 and those that are selected will participate in the nine-month acceleration program with a maximum economic endowment of 30,000 euros. Those looking to apply may do so here.

The projects must belong to the field of audiovisual content, technology, organization or business processes.

Once a project is chosen among the finalists after December 16, it will move to a second phase of selection in which it will be required to document and certify all the data declared in the registration form, and subsequently, personal interviews will be conducted with all the members of the team.

At the end of the registration period, the RTVE Evaluation Committee will evaluate the submitted projects, which previously meet all the requirements required in the bases, and those that obtain the highest score will be selected.

The finalist projects will have to provide documentary evidence of the information required in the registration phase, and personal interviews will be held with all the members of each team.

Finally, an Entrepreneurship Agreement will be signed with each of the projects selected to be part of the Impulsa Visión RTVE program, which will detail, in an individualized manner, the conditions agreed upon by both parties.

The RTVE Impulsa Visión accelerator was born in 2015, and, so far, eight companies have been accelerated, including Rookiebox, 104 Cubes, Zapiens, Paythunder, which were accelerated last year.

Impulsa Visión Startups aims to support creative and innovative projects in the field of audiovisual technology, content and / or organization and business management.

For this, RTVE launches open calls, makes a selection of the best projects offers a wide range of business resources, and services such as workspaces, equipment and audiovisual material and office, training and advice provided by professionals from RTVE and external collaborating companies.

The collaboration with Impulsa Visión Startups is formalized through an Entrepreneurship Agreement that contains an organized and specificized plan with milestones that allows access to the available capital for the achievement of the objectives established in the project, as well as a support plan that facilitates the search for new funding sources and future collaborations in national and international projects promoted by RTVE as well as by other entities and public and private companies.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.