Valencian startup Imperia SCM raises €3M led by Samaipata

- March 27, 2024

Imperia SCM, which provides companies with access to supply chain management software, announced a €3 million funding round led by Samaipata VC last week.  

In light of the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, and the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global supply chain, it has become increasingly important to have effective supply chain management solutions that can quickly respond to these challenging circumstances.

With this new investment, the Valencian SaaS startup aims to expand internationally and position itself as a reference in its category that covers needs such as demand forecasting, production planning, and supply planning, all through a reduced monthly fee affordable for all types of companies.

The company is the result of years of experiences from its founders implementing supply chain management solutions in large consulting firms such as Deloitte and NTT Data, which allowed them to thoroughly understand the needs of the market and undertake a solution that adapts to the business reality of SMEs. 

The company was founded in 2019 by Álvaro Bernabé, Sergio Alemany, and José Tomás Carrascoso. It integrates advanced models for data analysis designed to optimize the planning and automation of supply chains, empowering their customers to be competitive in the era of Industry 4.0.

Bernabé, Imperia’s co-founder, praised the latest investment round and said, “We have seen how today’s challenges directly affect supply chains. Clear visibility of demand and effective sourcing and production planning are essential for survival and competitiveness in the marketplace.”

Luis Garay, a partner at VC firm Samaipata, stated, “Imperia is revolutionizing supply chain management software. At Samaipata we firmly believe in the modular product strategy they have developed, and in a first-class founding team that has achieved a lot with few resources. Imperia is a clear example of a company that grows fast, but responsibly, thanks to solid product-market-fit and textbook execution.”

The lead investor in this round for Imperia, Samaipata has offices in London, Madrid and Paris and has invested in startups like Matera, Legl, and Bigblue, among many others. José del Barrio is the firm’s founding partner. 

Other investors is the round include AllIron Ventures, Accel Starter Programme, and previous investors like Draper B1 and Angels Capital. Additionally, six new business angels, including Hugo Arévalo, Jonathan Benhamou, Xavier Pladellorens, Christian Stiebner, Kintxo Cortés, and MaexAment, also participated in the investment round.