TroopTravel closes €230,000 investment round to accelerate travel platform

- March 15, 2018

TroopTravel has closed its first round of investment of €230,000. The startup is a platform for multinational companies and travel management companies that helps organize and plan trips for teams that depart from many different places.

“We add thousands of data sources that help you find the best place for your group to stay in. We include travel costs, visas, strategic aspects of both the company and travelers and much more,” a TroopTravel spokesperson said.

This marks the first investment round that the company has closed – one that will allow them to accelerate the development of the platform. The operation has been possible thanks to a group of investors formed by six professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in key areas relevant to TroopTravel such as travel, product development, marketing, investments and strategy. Investors come from cities such as Dusselforf, Hamburg, Johannesburg, Madrid, Nairobi, and Cape Town.

The founders of TroopTravel believe in two fundamental trends: that in the coming years more and more people will work remotely, and that no technology is capable of creating the magic that happens when people meet in person. “Trooptravel is the platform that helps companies find the best places for teams to work remotely,” they concluded.

Two weeks ago the company won the award for the most disruptive company in the business travel sector  – the only Spanish company nominated. For this reason, and for many reasons, 2018 is a key year for TroopTravel. Until May they will be working with strategic customers to finalize the development of the platform and then start to scale and open into more strategic markets.

TroopTravel optimizes travel for a group where its group members start traveling from different locations. Imagine, you are based in New York and you want to meet up with your friends from university. One of them is now based in Sao Paulo, another one in Frankfurt and a third one in Singapore. TroopTravel will allow you to easily plan and book a trip for your group coming from different locations.

The startup coordinates group travel where users can invite and book your group travel members’ travel from one platform. The TroopTravel’s results page offers you to book all individual flights from one location.

TroopTravel has partnered with leading references in the travel industry, to give you security of booking with companies you know.

Jamie Rosenfield

James Rosenfield is a traveler, writer, and history buff. After obtaining a degree in International Affairs from the University of Colorado in Boulder, he decided to high-tail it from the USA to Colombia in search of adventure. He has a passion for skiing, live music, and speaking Argentinian "Castellano" with bemused Colombians.