This women’s pitch competition inspired a new wave of female entrepreneurs in Spain

- June 6, 2023

In a transformative move to champion gender equality and empower women entrepreneurs, AticcoLab, in collaboration with Fin2Go and Letslaw by RSM, recently concluded the highly anticipated 3rd edition of its Pitch Competition Women Edition.

This groundbreaking initiative provided a platform for women-led startups to shine and aimed to foster inclusivity, knowledge sharing, and valuable resources for innovative projects driven by women. 

With Spain making significant strides in promoting gender parity in politics and business, exploring the impact of AticcoLab’s Pitch Competition Women Edition on the flourishing ecosystem of women entrepreneurship in the country is crucial.

Spain’s progressive approach towards gender parity

As Spain solidifies its commitment to gender equality, recent developments, such as introducing a law promoting gender parity in politics and business, have garnered significant attention. 

The law mandates a 40% gender quota for company boards, pushing for increased female representation and equal decision-making power. 

Complementary efforts, such as promoting STEAM investment, have aimed to bridge the gender gap in STEM-related fields, fostering an environment where women can thrive and contribute to innovation. 

Against this backdrop, AticcoLab’s Pitch Competition Women Edition stands as a powerful initiative that amplifies the voices of women entrepreneurs and propels them towards success.

The Women’s Edition of AticcoLab‘s Pitch Competition provides an exceptional platform for extraordinary startups led by women, enabling them to exhibit their revolutionary concepts and revolutionise the startup scene.

The primary objective of the competition is to address the problem of women’s limited presence in entrepreneurship while fostering a culture of inclusivity. 

All is achieved through providing a nurturing platform and an array of opportunities to enhance visibility.

Celebrating women-led startups

Among the competition winners, Nidus Lab emerged as a trailblazer in architectural design. 

Founded by Ana Lozano, Nidus Lab leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise building design, ensuring maximum space utilisation without compromising architectural excellence. 

Also, Astrid Camprubí, CEO and co-founder of Omma Data (Aqtiva Data Technologies) secured recognition for their data reliability tool. 

Omma Data offers businesses an agile, flexible, and efficient platform to validate data quality for strategic decision-making. 

Julieta Rueff, CEO and founder of FlamAid, also emerged victorious with their personal security device that redefines individual safety. 

FlamAid’s compact and intuitive design is a grenade-shaped device, allowing users to quickly alert and locate emergency contacts in dangerous situations. 

Quino Fernández, CEO of AticcoLab, expressed utmost satisfaction with the outcomes of the Pitch Competition Women Edition, emphasising the importance of supporting female entrepreneurship. 

With each edition, AticcoLab witnesses the emergence of increasingly powerful projects and entrepreneurs, creating a vibrant atmosphere where women entrepreneurs thrive, exchange ideas, and interact with industry experts. 

The competition acts as a catalyst for the growth and development of women-led startups by providing them with invaluable resources, mentorship opportunities, and access to a supportive community. 

Through prizes such as free coworking memberships, acceleration programs, media visibility, and educational courses, AticcoLab actively contributes to levelling the playing field and fostering a culture of gender parity.