Here are the 7 startups that made the Conector Startup Day Barcelona cut

- December 1, 2017

Conector Startup Accelerator Barcelona announces the seven startups that blew the judges away at Startup Day, and these innovative businesses will move on in the program through February.

The eighth edition of Conector’s Barcelona Startup Accelerator is well underway, but it was recently announced that these seven startups would be moving on in the program until it closes in February.

From there, the selected startups will have access to a board of mentors tailored to their project, aids in the form of perks from the companies collaborating with Conector, as well as the advice and support of accelerator professionals.

3D Torch

HQ: Barcelona, Spain

Industry Beat: IoT

What they do: 3D Torch is a web-based interactive solution that lets you customize in real-time and 3D Print Architectural House Projects

Highlight: 3D Torch creates web-based interactive customizable templates that automatically generates a 3D tour video presentation, VR, & AR to preview your personalization in real-time. No software required. Only a web browser.


startups barcelona

HQ: Tallinn, Estonia

Industry Beat: Family Entertainment

What they do: Abichus creates unique user experiences by combining creativity, passion and knowledge with a great brand.

Highlight: Abichus announced the launch of its new word search game, Worchy, saying that it is “the most entertaining and innovative word game in years.”

Artig Gallery

HQ: Barcelona, Spain

Industry Beat: Media, Art, Culture

What they do: Artig Gallery is a contemporary art market place, offering affordable originals and limited editions by emerging artists from around the globe.

Highlight: Artig Gallery’s artists remain independent and are provided direct contact to an ever-growing community of fellow artists and collectors.

Case Electronic

startups barcelona

HQ: Grenada Spain

Industry Beat: Gadgets, Electronics

What they do: Case Electronic protectors give smartphones added security, and its chargers give more battery while maintaining a stylish design.

Highlight: Case Electronic offers up to 256 GB of storage and 120% more autonomy thanks to its integrated battery of 3,300 mAh.


startups barcelona

HQ: Barcelona, Spain

Industry Beat: eHealth

What they do: CuoreCare is the platform that reinvents the care of children and adults in the home, allowing them to develop and enjoy day by day together with their caregiver.

Highlight: CuoreCare synchronizes the most avant-garde technology with a team of health specialists, obtaining a care methodology that improves the lives of families and caregivers.


startups barcelona

HQ: Barcelona, Spain

Industry Beat: Mobile Apps, Family Communications

What they do: qids is a moblie app that specializes in managing chat groups for parents.

Highlight: With the qids app, you can communicate with other parents and organize, in a single place, all of your groups related to school or the extracurricular activities of your children in a simple, private and secure manner.

Te Regalo Una Canción (I Gift You a Song)

startups barcelona


HQ: Barcelona, Spain

Industry Beat: eCommerce

What they do: Te Regalo Una Canción is an online music store that lets you personalize songs to give as gifts.

Highlight: You can design your own song easily in five minutes.


Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.