Mexican VC invests €425K in Spanish telemedicine startup Ever Health for Latin American expansion

- May 14, 2018

Mexican VC Toushka Capital signs a €425,000 agreement with Spanish telemedicine startup Ever Health to expand its services abroad in Latin America and at home in Spain.

Ever Health is a leader in telemedicine services in Spain, and the new capital investment of € 425,000 will be put towards boosting the company’s internationalization and the expansion of its services, reported El Referente on Monday.

Toushka Capital is a private investment fund that supports the development of companies that have a high degree of innovation, with the possibility of making the jump internationally and with an important level of social impact. This is the case of Ever Health, which provides medical services to large companies such as Mapfre and is also present in enterprises and shopping centers.

spanish telemedicine startup

Rafael García

“Toushka Capital is a partner committed to the project and that shares the values ​​of the company, whose main objective is to help society in general, offering a medical service of first level immediately,” said Ever Health Founder and CEO Rafael García.

“Thanks to this partnership we will be able to take our service to many more people in different countries,” he added.

Ever Health provides a “KIDSCARE” service [presumably meaning ‘Kids Care’ and not ‘Kid Scare’], which serves more than 40,000 children and is present in more than 200 educational centers throughout the country.

spanish telemedicine startup

Carolina Franco

“The relevance and potential of Ever Health, which in five years is leading telemedicine services in nursery schools in Spain with its KIDSCARE service, has the best technical team and directive and the most advanced technology to continue growing in a growing sector with a high social component,” said Carolina Franco, Business Strategy Leader at Toushka Capital.

This is Toushka Capital’s first foray into a telemedicine company, an expanding sector thanks to the advantages for health care and it is estimated that 80% of visits to primary care can be resolved through telemedicine with the appropriate technology and trained professionals, according to El Referente.

Ever Health CEO García highlighted the qualities of KIDSCARE, the most complete and innovative service of pediatrics for educational centers, since it has the most advanced technological tools and great medical professionals to take care of the health of the smallest children during the whole school day, becoming a key and differentiating provision for the success of educational centers.

The tech behind the Spanish telemedicine startup’s pediatric care includes a high definition camera with which the doctor can examine the child; a pulse oximeter, which measures the level of oxygen in the blood; and a digital stethoscope, which allows remote auscultation [a fancy word for listening to sounds in the human body] in real time.

In this way, the KIDSCARE medical team can solve 92% of the consultations received.

2018: A Good Year for Spanish Startups in Telemedicine, eHealth, Medtech

Last week Elma Care launched its next generation eHealth consultation app that incorporates AI with a €1 million investment from Antai Venture Builder.

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The Elma Care app, which is available on iOS and Android, offers users the possibility of receiving a diagnosis via chat, phone call, or video call.

Earlier this year, medical device company, Devicare, based in Barcelona, signed a €2 million loan from the Innova Global line by Avançsa while BraiBook, also from Barcelona, took home the Chivas Venture Spain award for best social entrepreneurship project in the world for its eReader for braille.

The Kenko Health Startup Accelerator launchd its first edition in Barcelona as well, which focuses on startups working on web-platforms, mHealth, apps, big data and analytics, telemedicine, and remote monitoring.

And this month the European Telemedicine’s Young Innovators Competition 2018, an international contest that focuses on creating new ideas in the fields of eHealth and telemedicine, will be taking place on May 28 in Sitges, and is welcome to Spanish startups.

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