Recap of JUMP2DIGITAL 2023: A gathering of 7,000+ tech enthusiasts in Barcelona

- November 29, 2023

Barcelona played host to JUMP2DIGITAL, a gathering of over 7,000 tech enthusiasts at the Montjuïc fairground on November 17. Mobile World Capital Barcelona hosts this event, which has become the most prominent digital talent gathering in the region. 

Industry leaders, content creators, and organizations came together to promote collaboration within the digital community and shape the future of technology.

This year’s event focused on two main themes: Artificial Intelligence and Gaming. The main stage featured renowned influencers and content creators such as the digital tech communicator Edgar Pons, streamers like Cristinini and Luzu, and the well-known game developer Guinxu, who has over 850,000 subscribers on YouTube. Guinxu discussed the technologies used by video games to simulate reality and the complexity of recreating elements such as light, shadows, and reflections to create hyper-realistic video games. 

On the second stage, attendees had the opportunity to learn about the journey and professional experiences of prominent tech leaders such as Andrew Web, VP of Product at Softonic. Web addressed how AI will change content discovery and the shift from using traditional search engines to social media and AI-based discovery such as ChatGPT. He emphasized the importance of adapting to a machine learning-centric approach and creating content that is engaging for machines as they become the main customer.

Área de ingreso al JUMP2DIGITAL 2023. Foto: Catalina Carvajal.

Other notable speakers included Fernando Guevara, Application Architecture Manager at Pepsico; Laura Perea, IT Innovation Manager at Nestlé; Roberto Romero, Global Lead Creative Technologist at Accenture; Laura Sancho, IT Iberian Director & Europe PMO Lead at Schneider Electric; and Cristina Gonzalez, 3D Software Product Owner at HP Inc. 

In an insightful session, Cristina Gonzalez highlighted the importance of building a culture of innovation within companies to enhance the development of groundbreaking ideas. She also discussed HP’s 3D printing technology and its initiatives to make 3D printing more sustainable, such as producing pieces out of recycled materials and following circular economy principles to contribute to HP’s 2040 Net-Zero goal.

In addition to the speaking sessions, JUMP2DIGITAL offered several activities, such as a hackathon featuring a coding competition with mentors from companies like PepsiCo, Zurich, CaixaBank, and IBM. A speed dating activity to connect with dozens of recruiters and more than 15 workshops on Artificial Intelligence, UX/UI design, digital transformation, and more. Over 800 interviews were conducted between participating companies and job seekers in the digital field throughout the day, with estimates suggesting that between 25% and 30% of participants will secure employment. 

JUMP2DIGITAL 2023 solidified its position as a pivotal tech event in Barcelona, serving as a testament to the city’s strong tech scene, which ranked as Europe’s 6th biggest startup hub this year. 

The high attendance and the number of reputable global organizations that participated demonstrate the city’s potential as an attractive destination for highly skilled talent and an important destination in the global tech landscape.