Parclick receives €750K investment to boost its off-street parking marketplace

- October 5, 2015


Parclick, a Madrid-based startup that wants to make it easier for drivers to find and book a parking spot, has closed a €750,000 round of investment. The deal was led by Capitana Venture Partners, a recently created early stage firm. Parclick is Capitana VP’s first investment.

Parclick operates under a marketplace model, connecting consumers with full fledged parkings (off-street parking). “We are a partner that helps bring cars to empty spots”, says CEO Luis París in a conversation with Novobrief. “The vast majority of parkings in Europe have an excess of supply, and our objective is to bring more customers to them”.

Users can buy three different kind of passes on Parclick’s site (OnePass, MultiPass and NetPass), which vary in price depending on the location of the parking. The startup charges a commission per booking made through its platform.

“Since most of our passes are for more than one day, we’re not competing with parkings’ main business. We don’t interfere with their normal rotation of cars nor with their monthly passes”, Luis explains.

The company claims to be working with more than 600 car parks in 100 European cities. Luis says that 55% of the parkings they work with are in Spain, 30% in Italy and the rest in Portugal and France. “We plan to use this round to accelerate our growth outside of Spain”, he adds.

Parclick competes with companies such as Parkvia (UK), Parkings de Paris (France) or (Italy).

The company believes that in the near future more people will book off-street parking spots via their mobile phones and computers. “Our vision is that what has happened in the entertainment industry will also happen when it comes to parking. A few years ago not many people bought tickets online and these days most people do. We’re convinced the same will take place in our industry”, he concludes.

Jaime Novoa

Jaime Novoa is the Founder of Novobrief. He is a technology writer turned investor at Madrid's K Fund. He was also a data analyst at