Local brands open up about business growth after partnering with Gorillas Spain

- April 28, 2022

Since the arrival of Gorillas in Spain, various local businesses that share a green vision with the quick commerce service have been able to offer their products to a wider range of clients. These local brands are already making their business grow with their help.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Gorillas wanted to motivate its customers to shop more consciously on Earth Day. What did they mean by this? Gorillas wants its customers to consume more local and sustainable products in each city where they have a presence (i.e. Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, and Alicante). The Buddies category in the app shows local businesses that offer their products to consumers. 

The Gorillas Buddies share a green vision of the future of the planet with the delivery company, which is why they decided to work together. Another reason is that together with Gorillas they have been able to distribute their products to other areas of the city that were not possible before.  Now, the Gorillas X Earth category is available in the app with sustainable products. 

From the mouth of Gorillas Buddies

Local brands have become important allies for the quick commerce service. Some of them spoke about the benefits of partnering with Gorillas. Terraneum, for example, confirms that Gorillas’ participation in their billing is increasing. “We have already sold more than 10,000 units with them”, said a spokesperson from Terraneum. 

Toto Ice Cream said that they are delighted to be able to cover a city as large as Madrid and reach more people. “Ultimately this will grow our brand. We have sold over 1,100 half-liter pints. Sales have increased exponentially. In the last month Gorillas accounts for almost 12% of the workshop’s turnover.”, commented a spokesperson of the brand.

For Naturgreen, Gorillas adds value to their brand and also allows them to target a specific audience not used to other sales channels. LŌV ferments said that now 10% of their sales are thanks to Gorillas. “We love that they use bikes to deliver because we believe that the future of cities entails a shift towards healthier and more environmentally sustainable transport”, said a spokesperson of the brand. 

The moment of compensation

This Earth Day was a special date for Gorillas. It has recently become the first delivery company to achieve carbon neutrality, offsetting all its emissions under its direct control (scope 1, 2, and 3.3) since it began operations in May 2020. 

We are talking about 4,960 tons of CO2 derived from refrigerants, electricity, heating, and air conditioning of the warehouses and offices that have been compensated. By achieving carbon neutrality in its operations, Gorillas has set a benchmark for the European delivery industry in matters of environmental sustainability. 

With a mission to become more sustainable, 52% of the electricity Gorillas uses comes from renewable sources. These same sources already account for two-thirds of the energy consumption of Gorillas warehouses in the UK, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands. Even the company’s warehouse in Denmark runs 100% on green energy, something that is the goal for the rest of the global operation. As a way to be as green as possible, Gorillas has a number of strategic alliances to reduce food waste and CO2 emissions. Alexander Brunst, Global Vice President of Sustainability at Gorillas, says that by mid-2023, they want to completely eliminate all food waste and commit to using 100% renewable energy.