New York’s hospitality tech leader Resy acquires Spain’s ClubKviar

- April 18, 2018

New York-based hospitality technology leader Resy acquires ClubKviar to scale its European operations in Spain.

Both Resy and ClubKviar act as bridges between restaurants and their patrons, and the acquisition of ClubKviar was a strategic one to further Resy’s operations abroad.

Currently, Resy works with 10,000 network restaurants in 160 global cities, managing one million reservations per week for 2.7 million users.

ClubKviar caters to 300 exclusive restaurants in Spain, offering unique gastronomic experiences for its members through its reservations and concierge platform.

Resy will take advantage of ClubKviar’s team of professionals and the relationship with the key players in the sector to quickly scale up and, for the time being, will continue to operate with his current business, which generates significant income with its commission-based model.

In the long term, ClubKviar restaurants will become ResyOS customers, the reservations engine of the American company, where they will be able to offer their services to ClubKviar users as well as Resy app and Airbnb users.

ClubKviar has become a key player in the Spanish restaurant market with a select list of restaurants and more than 100,000 active members.

With the expansion of Resy in Europe, the strategic relationships and the brand value of ClubKviar will be key to the growth of Resy in Spain and will see ClubKviar rebranded as Resy Spain.

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Ben Leventhal

Yesterday, Resy revealed a disruptive lineup of first-of-its-kind features and significant product updates to further empower restaurants to deliver superior experiences and elevated customer service, now on a global scale. The brand new features and product enhancements were announced at Resy’s first annual Product Summit in New York, hosted by CEO Ben Leventhal and CTO Mike Montero.

“ClubKviar has emerged as a key player in the Spanish marketplace with an impressive list of restaurants and significant consumer following, seating tens of thousands of diners a month.” – Ben Leventhal, CEO at Resy.

“As Resy continues to expand our user and restaurant base in Europe, ClubKviar’s strategic relationships and brand value will be instrumental in expediting growth. By the end of the year, ClubKviar will grow into Resy Spain,” said Leventhal.

“The inspiration for Resy came to life over a delicious meal on 86th Street with my longtime friends and current business partners, Mike Montero and Gary Vaynerchuk,” said Leventhal during yesterday’s Product Summit.

“The three of us discussed what it could look like if restaurants had true partners in technology, and we set out to find the right balance that would make technology work for the business of hospitality […] We’re building the future of hospitality technology together with our restaurant partners, and the brand new tools and features we’re revealing today are the tip of the iceberg.”

For the first time, international restaurant partners and users in Barcelona, Dublin, London, Madrid, Montreal, Paris and Sydney will be able to manage and book reservations on Resy, with Amsterdam, Toronto and Vancouver soon to come. Resy’s international expansion will offer diners the same elevated service, exceptional food and personal touch that Resy restaurants are empowered to provide in the US.

Co-Founded by Stewart Masters, Gonzalo Cebrian, and Christopher Fuchs, ClubKviar is a members only gastronomic club that offers a hand picked selection of a city’s top restaurants coupled with a simple online reservation service, member benefits and Personal Concierge to manage bookings.

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to include Co-Founders Gonzalo Cebrian and Christopher Fuchs.

Tim Hinchliffe

Tim Hinchliffe the editor in chief at Novobrief. Previously, he was a reporter for The Ghanaian Chronicle in West Africa, and Colombia Reports in South America. Principal at Espacio.