CNP Partners to back entrepreneurs with new program in Madrid

- March 1, 2018

CNP Partners, the Spanish subsidiary of the French company CNP Assurances, have launched a program in Madrid to help back entrepreneurs through financial assistance and mentoring.

This sponsorship program, called CNP Start, will facilitate a financial backing of 10,000 euros as well as provide a work space in central Madrid to two potential companies.

Candidates can submit their project until the 10th of April, and, if selected, will have continuous mentoring, material resources, and access to professional consultations from CNP Partners who are experiences in marketing, business development, information technology, legal, and financial prossesses.

In addition, the two winners will be promoted through a communications campaign funded by CNP Partners through traditional media and social networks.

CNP partners madrid

Jean-Christophe Merer

The director-general of CNP Partners, Jean-Christophe Mérer, pointed out that his company will take advantage of digital transformation to improve the customer experience.

“We believe that this transformation can be more efficient by collaborating with entrepreneurs who share our values of commitment, adaptability, transparency and innovation,” said Mérer.

He also pointed out that CNP Partners wants to open up new projects and develop business, “so that this collaboration can be beneficial to both CNP Partners as well as the entrepreneurs themselves so we can develop a deeper mutual learning – there is nothing better than day-to-day experimentation.”

CNP Partners provides insurance for customers in Southern Europe. According to their website, they “are committed to meet the protection needs of all families in Southern Europe with simple, flexible and affordable products.” The group started in Spain in 2004.

Their parent company, CNP Assurances, “is one of the biggest life insurance groups in Europe and boasts more than 160 years of experience. With its backing, CNP Partners expanded to the Italian market, at first distributing through free provision of services and through a local branch since 2014. [They] also operate in the Portuguese market through free provision of services.”

Jamie Rosenfield

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