Canvia’s new Kickstarter brings art into the modern world of technology

- July 12, 2018

Art is a hobby and skill dating back to human’s earliest days, which has been demonstrated by simple yet captivating cave paints around the world. On the other hand, technology is a field which, in recent years, has come to dominate human attention throughout the world in numerous ways. In our modern world the two fields have achieved great things, and when combined they have the potential to reach even greater heights, as our previous article highlighted.

However, for art lovers everywhere Palacio‘s new Kickstarter campaign for Canvia, a digital display that looks like a real painting, is bringing art into the modern world with a digital touch.

“Canvia’s patent-pending ArtSense technology adapts a digital display to conserve artistic details and create a realistic print effect whatever the lighting conditions”

Canvia allows those that love art and design to explore a prodigious number of paintings through an authentic and harmonious viewing experience. Controlled via an intuitive app, web account or voice-enabled devices such as Amazon Alexa, Canvia promotes the discovery of art to suit changing tastes, adapting to the room’s surroundings in an instant.

“Just as Spotify has revolutionized the accessibility, exploration and experience of recorded music, and services like Netflix have done the same for vast archives of film and TV, we want Canvia to revolutionize the accessibility and experience of art,” states the Kickstarter.

One of the greatest aspects of Canvia is its adaptability to change. As a result, it is possible to set the display to change throughout the day to provide shifting themes and designs to match the mood or your schedule as the below image demonstrates.

To support the campaign you can become a backer. The campaign asks that backers donate at least $5 or more and in doing so Palacio will credit all backers on their website and will provide exclusive updates throughout the project.

The options of backing also increase with greater offers such as two Canvia devices with great savings, standard black frames for both, full access to the free tier of the company’s art library, a 3-month pass to the premium tier and all Support Pledge perks. In addition to this, the kickstart has a whole host of other options to help become a backer, with numerous perks and opportunities. To find out more visit the kickstarter here.

(Originally posted on The Sociable)