Al Andalus Innovation Venture announces the 30 finalist startups of its first edition

- November 15, 2022

Al Andalus Innovation Venture, the event of reference in southern Spain, has announced the 30 finalists of the venture capital and corporate verticals competitions. The meeting, which will take place at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Sevilla on November 29 and 30, will have more than 100 startups in its exhibition area. 

Of the finalist startups, 20 are from Andalusia, while the rest have been selected from other autonomous communities such as Madrid, Catalonia, Murcia, and Asturias. The following stand out from different sectors like food, agro, health, mobility, AI, and IoT sectors. Startups interested in attending the event can do so through the Al Andalus website.

The following are the finalist startups of the event, structured by verticals: 

Venture Capital

Blowind is a technology-based startup, which develops a power generator for electric vehicles that provides greater autonomy and reduced operational costs, with the aim of facilitating the transition from combustion to electric transport. 

Booh! is an urban center of “dark kitchens” for rent where they professionalize the food delivery and take-away service of the restaurants housed in their facilities, integrally managing the reception, production, and delivery of food orders thanks to proprietary technology. 

Hunty is a marketplace of hunting experiences in Spain and soon at the European level. A website where hunters search, compare, and hire hunts to the company that organizes them through the web.

Footters‘ mission is to connect with the future generation of fans, making the clubs’ matches and content visible and generating new revenue opportunities.

Le Room Service is a company specializing in the outsourcing of hotel room F&B services. It is the cost-effective alternative to room service through innovation and specialization in gastronomic and service trends. 

Lesielle has developed the world’s first adaptive cosmetics. A new generation of personalized cosmetics that adapts in real-time to skin changes. 

Lico Cosmetics innovates by formulating and developing unique skin treatments that combine engineering and nature, with a touch of exoticism. They always strive for their customers to get results on their skin from the very first applications.

Lubets is a brand of sensation-enhancing gels, all products are certified organic, vegan, and natural. They are one-dose and apply with one click. 

Scoobic offers zero-emission mobility solutions for sustainable last-mile urban delivery, for public and private company fleets.

Slang is a Digital Assistant, “the Thermomix of administrative tasks” also known as a SaaS for automation of repetitive administrative processes aimed at non-technical staff (No-Code RPA), which aims to empower the worker and not replace him.

Solum is a technology company that manufactures and markets solar stations for urban electric vehicles. Solum’s stations are the only ones that guarantee the safety and charging of vehicles with 100% renewable energy.

Top Group Express is a reservation center that has created a technological platform that automates quotes, confirmation, and group management in hotels, for reservations of more than 7 rooms.

Tuklo simplifies delivery by connecting companies, carriers, and customers with a single platform.

Viver Kombucha brews kombucha in small batches, respecting artisanal fermentation times to achieve the most exquisite flavor. They use 100% organic ingredients from local suppliers to brew their kombucha.

Zinkee is a SaaS company that helps SMEs in their digital transformation. To do so, they market software with which anyone, without programming knowledge, can create business applications and adapt them to their workflows.


Byevolution is a company created for the development of software applications framed within the new technologies sector.  

Dental Residency is a home dentistry company, adapting dentistry to all those elderly and/or dependent people who can not travel to a dental clinic.

Firmafy is an electronic signature application for companies. It was born in 2019, in order to respond to one of the challenges of the business world: the signature of documentation.

Foodtic is the new way of ordering and serving, capable of making every table and second of the establishment profitable. Foodtic is an Interactive Menu application connected to the business management software (POS), which allows the customer to order directly from the table and with their own cell phone.

Graniot facilitates decision-making for agronomists and farmers by providing them with a web platform that monitors their crops with satellite technology.

Heritae is a legaltech startup that began operating in the fall of 2020 and offers legal services, particularly in the area of inheritance adjudication and planning.

INNengine is a Spanish startup founded in 2011 with the goal of reinventing the 150+ year-old Otto engine concept.

Kolyy is on a mission to improve the safety and care of pets. To this end, they have developed a smart collar with a built-in GPS capable of monitoring all activity, daily habits, and behavior of the animal with the aim of detecting anomalies that may indicate signs of disease.

LiveLink has one goal in mind for the day-to-day, to save lives through its technology. They are in constant search of innovation to bring the latest technology to sectors of social impact.

MissCar is a digital platform with an app and website, where a carpooling service is offered only for women, in order to offer users the opportunity to enjoy personalized experiences with maximum security, peace of mind, and confidence.

Naturcode Smart Labeling is a SaaS platform for techno-ethical, unbiased, and transparent information between consumers and the agri-food chain, backed by its scientific committee and its code of ethics endorsed by consumer associations.

Neurostech is a biotechnology company focused on the development of innovative medical devices and pharmaceutical innovative medical devices and pharmaceuticals for neurological diseases.

Nubentos is a marketplace with the best Digital Health APIs to make them available to the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Petplan is the health insurance for dogs and cats, 100% digital, with value-added services for pet owners: 24/7 teleconsultation, digital footprint compensation, and 24/7 telephone assistance service on the needs of your dog or cat.

Waisense develops and markets technological solutions for water saving in different sectors and consumers.