3D Click raises €225K in ’round with an especially feminine accent’

- December 20, 2018

3D packaging startup 3D Click raises €225,552 in funding through Startupxplore in a “round with an especially feminine accent.”

Some 60 business angels have participated in the funding round that was led by Women Angels For Steam (WA4STEAM).

3d click feminine accent

Debora Alasraki

“It was a round with an especially feminine accent — WA4STEAM in Spain, and Janine Tilleman, Saskia Bossink, Annegien Blokpoel and investors from the Netherlands in the cosmetics, consumer goods and strategy, and international relations sectors,” said 3D Click CEO Debora Alasraki in a statement.

“They have bet on the project and the 3D Click team, and we can not be more proud of being an example of the impact that women investors can have on innovative companies of new creation,” she added.

3D Click is an online collaborative platform for the packaging ecosystem, which allows to customize packaging directly in 3D and validate it at the point of sale through Augmented Reality and 3D Printing without 3D expertise.

Moreover, it offers packaging professionals access to a repository of 3D packaging mockups from manufacturers catalogues and from 3D Click’s library that can be customized directly online with our 3D Builder. 3D Click helps the packaging professionals to accelerate the time-to-market of new packaging products by 88%.

Not only is 3D Click committed to filling the online catalog with the most sustainable products from packaging suppliers, but thanks to the benefits of the tool, it is not necessary to print prototypes during product design and validation.

The funds raised by 3D Click will be used mainly to strengthen the sales, operations and development team, increasing the workforce by five more people.

“We will focus on sales and strategic alliances with designers’ platforms and market studies, material databases and sustainable packaging technological institutes,” confirmed Alasraki.

The funding round was closed in a matter of hours and was led by WA4STEAM, the first national association of women business angels.

WA4STEAM and Startupxplore have recently signed a collaboration agreement to support women’s entrepreneurship.

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The wealth of professional profiles of the associates, in fields that include bioscience, mathematics, finance, law, communication, training and team coaching, and its extensive network of strategic partners, provide a very significant value in the initial stages of the life cycle of startups.

3d click feminine accent

Sylvie Lemaire

“Our goal is to provide not only seed capital, but also to become a strategic partner, encouraging the creation of future leaders and role models for girls and women of all ages,” said Sylvie Lemaire, Vice President and Co-Founder at WA4STEAM.

“From the first meeting with Débora and her team, it was clear that they were a strong team, well aligned and with clear objectives, they had experience of their previous ventures in the field of virtual reality, and their project was a perfect example of the use of new technologies to solve an existing need in their sector, packaging and packaging.

“3D Click and WA4STEAM fit perfectly, we are very excited to support strong entrepreneurial women like Débora, and that she and her team will become role models for future generations of women who work at STEAM. ”

Many small and large investors have joined the funding round, both Dutch (Khalhoun, Harm, Mei Lin), and Spanish (through Startupxplore) that share the objective of reducing the environmental impact of packaging through technology platforms and tools such as 3D Click.

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