Spanish tech news: 27/3/2017

- March 27, 2017
Investor and accelerator news ?
  • Wayra’s boss, Mariano Amartino, to leave the company due to discrepancies with Javier Placer (Cesar Alierta’s nephew)
Startup news ?
  • Kippel01 looks into Cabify’s financials. The urban transportation company reached €5 million in revenue in Spain in 2015, up from €1.9 million in the previous year
  • Sintetia interviewed the founders of biotech startup Neoalgae
Big tech news ?
  • From Atresmedia to Real Madrid: who controls digital television in Spain?
  • Yahoo’s sale to Verizon could mean problems for the company’s business agreement with Atresmedia in Spain
Interesting reads ?
  • Spanish police forces that fight cybercrime complain that they don’t have enough resources and that they don’t receive enough support from their superiors
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Jaime Novoa

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