Spanish startup exits compared: Trovit, La Nevera Roja and Akamon

- November 18, 2015

spanish startup exits

Startup acquisitions are tricky, because in most cases the price is never revealed by the parties involved. As we discussed on our H1 2015 summary, in the first six months of the year in Spain there were more than 15 exits, but in less than a handful was the actual price of the acquisition revealed.

That said, since late 2014 Spain has seen three significant exits -four counting, but very few details were revealed at the time- where we know most of the story, allowing us to make a quick comparison of such acquisitions.

We’re talking about Trovit (€80 million), La Nevera Roja (€80 million) and Akamon (€25 million).

spanish startup exits compared

As we said when we did the analysis of La Nevera Roja and Trovit: there are many paths to exit and the traditional rules of how to create founder/investor value are there to be broken.

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