Malaga-based Zeemcoin raises €500K to tokenize the eMobility sector

- May 12, 2022

Zeemcoin, the first tokenized platform in the eMobility sector, has closed its first round of investment worth €500K. The company will allocate these funds to expand its team and launch the platform, with plans to be presented in the market next June.

In July, Zeemcoin will seek to reach a new investment of up to €1 million through an IDO (Initial DEX Offering) in different launchpads, starting with Tutellus, one of the most important crypto communities in Spain.

According to the Malaga-based startup, the closing of the second quarter will be key to accomplishing the plans they have for 2022. These include creating a community of electric vehicle drivers to help improve the public electric vehicle charging experience in Europe.

“The future of electric mobility goes through blockchain technology and Zeemcoin has the solution to make the European charging infrastructure accessible, interoperable and of quality,” says Borja Moreno, CEO and founder of Zeemcoin, who has more than 12 years of experience in electric mobility. The Malaga startup offers a gamified model to the market with the goal of helping to achieve a future with emission-free transportation.

eMobility through blockchain

Zeemcoin wants to solve a key need in the market: electric car users find it difficult to find charging stations with the features they need. Unlike other apps that indicate charging stations by geolocation, Zeemcoin aims to do it thanks to the information it generates through gamification, blockchain, and big data.

According to the Malaga startup, the app will be available in June for all IOS and Android users who want to be part of this community and be rewarded for their participation. In the same month, Zeemcoin intends to launch its own $ZEEM token on the Polygon network, as well as its own dAPP (decentralized application) where users will be able to perform decentralized finance and generate a passive income that can be used to purchase different products or services, such as buying accessories, participating in sustainable programs or paying for charging their electric vehicle in the different companies that are adopting this payment method.

Zeemcoin is also creating a community of investors and drivers of electric vehicles on Discord to allow interaction about different topics such as sustainability, electric mobility, and blockchain.

Other members of the Zeemcoin team include Pawel Malkowiac, CTO and expert in eMobility software development; Miguel Caballero, responsible for tokenization and CEO of Tutellus; Gonzalo Albarracin, CFO; advisors such as Arturo Perez de Lucia, General Director of AEDIVE (Business Association for the development and promotion of electric mobility in Spain); Ivan Gomez, an expert in Digitalization; or Carlos Carmona Horta, as Sustainability advisor.