ETHBarcelona goes deep into SolarPunk and LunarPunk, shines a spotlight on sustainable tech

- June 15, 2023

After successfully breaking the ground last year, the Second edition of ETHBarcelona is embracing the themes of the SolarPunk and LunarPunk movements. 

These movements strive for a future where technology is leveraged positively to drive sustainable and ethical progress, going beyond the typical “green” initiatives. 

Moreover, they address the critical concerns related to mass surveillance risks.

The upcoming event will serve as a platform to showcase the latest advancements and trends in Web3 that are pertinent to sustainability and secure systems. 

Notably, the spotlight will be on the advancements in Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology, which aligns with the LunarPunk principles of preserving privacy.

This year, the event is undergoing a significant transformation with an innovative conference and hackathon format, aiming to engage the global developer community, industry experts, and enthusiasts in a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Manu Alzuru, founder of DoinGud and co-organizer of ETHBarcelona, emphasizes the broader vision of the event. 

“ETHBarcelona goes beyond being a mere conference; it is a festival of ideas that celebrates knowledge exchange beyond boundaries. Our mission is to cultivate a holistic environment where we promote ethical tools to safeguard human freedom, sovereignty, and privacy. We aim to leave a lasting impact on our collective journey towards a brighter tomorrow.”, Alzuru adds.

Immersive discussions

The lineup of speakers at ETHBarcelona includes experts such as Vlad Zamfir of Smart Transactions, Amanda Keleher of Consensys, Mario Havel of Ethereum Foundation, Miguel Piedrafita of Worldcoin, and many more. 

These thought leaders will share their insights on the intersection of blockchain, sustainability, privacy, and security.

But ETHBarcelona is not just about informative talks. 

The event offers an immersive experience through discussions, panels, and hands-on workshops. 

According to its organizers, the event wants to foster a vibrant festival atmosphere, encouraging holistic growth of the mind, body, and soul. 

ETHBarcelona will take place from July 5th to July 9th, 2023.